About Me


I am born psychologist 😊 I was really fascinated from the very beginning regarding this field. I used to be an intuitive and a keen observant. I used to ask thousand questions to myself and used to find the causes of everything that I observe.

I was very shy and high on introversion side of personality. I was easily startled and was stage phobic. I used to hide behind my parents whenever guests entered. Nobody used to notice me. Nobody was aware of my traits and attributes. I was leading an unrecognized life. I was asking question to myself that if I am an introvert, is it bad? Why people only applaud extroverts? Why they shine? should I change myself?

Then another thing that was happening with me was regarding academics:

I was not high on logical mathematical intelligence. I was not able to carry out mathematical operations and investigate issues scientifically, make accurate calculations and understand laws of physics and their terrifying numericals and horrifying diagrams of telescope and microscope, periodic chart of chemistry and flora and fauna of Biology and world of microorganisms

Again same question: Am I not intelligent?

I used to think in novel and innovative ways. I had this query, what about creative education? What about those students who are not logical mathematical inclined or have different learning needs? Why they are overlooked? Why schools are teaching towards the same standardized tests/ exams which do not encourage much critical thought, differentiation of learning or creative application? I was not ready to consider myself not intelligent but was waiting for the proof or evidence. I want to say that students have a unique blend of capabilities and skills which is what makes us unique but, no one was listening to me. Each person differs from other, so, there is no logical reason to teach and assess students identically.

I wanted that we should be offered choices so that we can choose our own preferred ways of learning. I wanted that parents and educators should be aware of opportunities to explore an enhanced mindset well beyond the confines of logical mathematical domain or standardized mindset to develop young people for future career.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

Another thing that striked my mind in school:

What about those students who have difficulty in keeping pace with their classmates or expected learning benchmarks in a developmentally appropriate environment? They do not become teachers favourites due to their meagre results/substandard performance. They might be mediocre in academics but exceptional or ingenious in some other field. Why focus on academics is the yardstick to be an intelligent or glorious student? Why to discount/omit /push aside students other attributes? These students also have the right to make recollectable and fond memories. How can they learn to honour themselves if teachers do not boost them? They may become Self-Disparaging. They would submit to degradation or humiliation!

Turning Point of my Life:

Psychology came to my rescue when I entered senior secondary. It worked as an eye Opener and a Guiding Light. I Studied all my concepts thoroughly most importantly Intelligence and Personality. Psychology explained that being good at exams alone will not help if one is not creative enough to apply that knowledge to solve real world problems or invent better ways of doing it. Psychology suggests that it is important to help people discover their aptitudes and realize their potential which would otherwise be restricted due to their standardized approach. It also suggests that time has come to make radical changes in our curriculum , the way we teach and the learning opportunities we offer  and to reconsider our own views of intelligence and how we value and assess the products of that intelligence.

There are several distinct forms of intelligence that everyone possesses in varying degrees. So, we should focus on the intelligence of each person. If an individual has strong Musical, spatial or linguistic ability, they should be encouraged to develop those abilities.

Till the time I entered college, I was less flickering and wavering as compared to my contemporaries.

Now I had different questions:

Who is the ruler of our life?

Role of Thoughts on Emotions?

What is the purpose of my life?

Is it significant and substantial?

How can I add meaning to my life?

But Humour and enthusiasm were very much a part of my life. Struggles, tensions and painful experiences were going side by side, but I was able to sail through them like an ablest navigator. I was moving towards self-actualization. I was moving up in the hierarchy.

That was my inner growth but was not evident to others.

Now I stay in my calm zone Now I am becoming a better person. I feel so serene in the company of my MAESTRO.. that is PSYCHOLOGY. I am accepting myself with all my strengths and limitations. I am experimenting with myself. Now for me life is a beautiful, enlightening and illuminating journey. Now I am not a part of any contest or race.

So, now, I am ready and I am here to help you all leave hollow/ empty life behind and forge ahead… lets be born again, lets revitalize ourselves, lets embrace ourselves, lets love ourselves, lets live our life like if a book is written on it, it will be a bestseller!