Hello, This is Shruti.. Your MindChef

Always remember: Mind is the master

I am here to serve your mind with 5 Star Cuisine made with best ingredients from the world of Positive Psychology. Let’s start our journey where there will be Hope, Optimism, Forgiveness, Trust, Emotional Intelligence, Compassion, Gratitude, Empathy, Serenity, Tranquility, Ecstasy, Harmony, Ataraxis garnished with love… the list is endless… you would be in a state of Bliss.

My focus is to give you your real self with least distortions and minimal use of Defense Mechanisms… The goal is that the individual will be able to grow emotionally and psychologically and eventually become a fully functioning person. Focus would be on you..

Originate… Not Imitate

We will identify character strengths after a thorough understanding and exploration of self, Capitalize on your Strengths and work towards improving what is good in life instead of mitigating that which is not.

I Would Help You So That You Can Help Yourself

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I am a Positive Psychology Practitioner… The purpose of positive psychology is to help people flourish. It is an investigation of what makes life worth living. We can improve our life by expressing our authentic self. Let us work on the core philosophy of Martin Seligman: “Build What’s Strong” that can augment the “Fix What’s Wrong” approach of more traditional psychotherapy.